Kelly Peyton, MA, LPC, RPT, CCTP

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Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor, Registered Play Therapist, Certified Clinical Trauma Professional

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Kelly Peyton Teen Counselor

Counseling Programs for Teens and Children

Kelly Peyton offers individual, family, and group counseling programs.  Information on this page focuses on group programs offered by Kelly in the Houston and Katy, TX areas.


Kelly's groups cover needs of families and teens seeking a teen anger group, teen substance abuse counseling, teen grief counseling, teen social anxiety treatment, adjuct treatment, or a parenting class meeting court requirements for families experiencing a change in the parent/child relationship.

Teen Intervention Program (TIP)


Kelly Peyton's Teen Intervention Program (TIP) offers an option for treating teens that may need additional support as an adjuct to individual treatment or for teens who prefer a group counseling option.  Teens often respond to a group treatment format better than individual counseling, making this a viable stand-alone treatment.  This may be especially true for issues such as substance abuse, anger-management, mood, and grief/loss (including divorce).  This is why Kelly addresses each of these issues in groups in addition to basic coping, social, and leadership skills.  The TIP is a DBT Skills focused group.


Kelly offers teen group counseling in a fun, interactive, and engaging format.  Teens in the group are challeged to problem solve and work collectively in a variety of ways and are provided with new coping and leadership skills to apply to daily life and life's challenges.  Your teen will learn trust, leadership, and new coping skills with a smile.


Court Ordered Parenting Class


Kelly offers a monthly parenting class meeting the Texas State Law for families experiencing divorce or other matters influencing the parent/child relationship.  Kelly's programs are recognized by both the Harris County and Fort Bend Family Courts.  This class is also helpful for parents interesting in learning new skills or for individuals going through the foster/adopt process.  This class is interactive and engaging and not just the typical lecture format.
Contact Kelly by phone for parenting class times.  Classes are $75 each and last 4 hours.  Sliding scale and reduced fees available for those who qualify.

Teen Leadership

Kelly is currently developing a secondary teen leadership group to help teens learn positive coping skills, social skills, and leadership development.  This group will consist of a small group of teens interested in become leaders in their social group or in learning new friendship skills.  This group will serve as an additional group from the TIP program including the teen anger group, or teen substance abuse counseling group modules.   Please stay tuned for details related to this program or contact Kelly for details and questions.
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