Kelly Peyton, MA, LPC, RPT, CCTP

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Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor, Registered Play Therapist, Certified Clinical Trauma Professional

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Kelly Peyton Teen Counselor

Teen Counseling Services and Related Services

Kelly Provides individual, group, and family sessions at an affordable price. 


Individual counseling sessions 

Individual are 45-55 minutes in duration and schedule by appointment only.  Kelly accepts cash, checks, credit cards, and some insurance plans.  Kelly uses a variety of techniques in individual sessions including play therapy, sand tray, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and solution-focused brief therapy.  Kelly may also address court requirements for anger management, substance abuse, and other court ordered counseling requirements in individual sessions.


Teen Counseling

Kelly is a highly trained teen therapist proving a variety of services tailored to teens including, DBT, cognitive behavioral therapy, sand tray therapy, art therapy, and parenting sessions and groups.  All teen counseling sessions are billed as individual sessions.

Play Therapy

Kelly provides therapy for younger children and "tweens" who are not quite ready for traditional talk therapy.  Younger children do not yet have the emotional vocabulary to express their emotions and need different tools (toys) to communicate with the therapist.  Kelly has received the highest level of training and certification specializing in working with children and teens:  Registered Play Therapist or RPT.  For more information on Child Centered Play Therapy visit here.  For information on Theraplay, visit here.  Kelly uses a variety of playful interventions in her child therapy approach.  Feel free to ask for more information during a consultation.


Trauma Counseling

Kelly is a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional fully trained in EMDR and other trauma modalities.  She has continued her training in EMDR to work with the youngest of patients combining play therapy with EMDR as well as standard EMDR protocols.  EMDR is the gold standard in trauma counseling and provides relief to the vast majority of those who experience it.  To learn more about EMDR, watch this video.  This video is appropriate to show older children and teens and well as for adults and parents.

Group counseling:   

Kelly offers teen group counseling for anger, grief, and mood related issues as well as for coping and leadership skills.  Groups typically contain 5 to 12 members and last 90 minutes.  Groups and classes cost between $30 to $60 per session and may be covered in full or part by insurance.  Teen counseling often works well in a group format such as this when skill building is a focus of treatment.



Kelly provides parenting sessions as a part of individual counseling for teens and child therapy.  She believes parents have the largest impact on their child's well-being and thus can become an import part of the treatment process.  Kelly will provide tips an support for parents to work with children at home to continue therapy gains.  Kelly also offers parenting support to parents struggling with difficult teens not currently in treatment.  Parental support and encouragement can be extremely helpful when parenting difficult adolescents.  Parenting sessions are offered in person or via the phone in 45-55 minute sessions at the same fee structure as individual sessions.  Please note, insurance may not cover phone sessions.



Phone and Internet Services

Kelly offers a free initial phone consultation, however, Kelly only provides additional telephone consultations for established clients and may be billed.  Kelly also offers web-assisted counseling via in a similar fashion as individual sessions.  This is provided to assist clients unable to attend in person due to illness, a change in location (move, vacation, college), or schedules.  Fees are based on individual sessions and may not be covered by insurance.



Family Counseling

Similar to parent sessions, sometimes teens in counseling or children in therapy benefit from family sessions.  These session may be blocked in one or two hour increments to facilitate communication and change.  As a child and teen therapist, Kelly believes family counseling offers help to stabilize family issues, improve communication, and increase close relationships.  Additionally, sometimes family sessions without the teen or child present may also prove beneficial.  Contact Kelly for details.



Contact Kelly for details or to schedule an appointment.